Monday, November 09, 2009

The Holy Rosary is NOT optional!


The Holy Rosary of Our Lady is NOT an optional devotion!
Strong words huh? Well, clearly HH. Leo XIII didn't think that The Rosary is merely a nice little thing to do when you think about it, or rather a cutesy devotion by little old ladies, NO! Leo XIII wrote no less than 17 encylicals on the Rosary...

Today I would like to focus on one of those Encylicals:
LAETITIAE SANCTAE promulgated on September 8, 1893

The Holy Father says:
"For We are convinced that the Rosary, if devoutly used, is bound to benefit not only the individual but society at large."

Did you understand what he just said? The Rosary will be of great benefit to Society at large if we would truly devoutly pray Our Rosaries! Our hope and change is NOT the the government, and not in the empty words of the evil one, no...

Our Lady has many times told us PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.......

She has given to St. Dominic and through him the whole Church her Blessed Rosary and has told us countless times that simply through praying the Rosary that wars will be averted, nations will convert to God, souls will be saved, and the peace which comes not from the United Nations or liberal socialists but from Her Holy Son will reign upon the earth. If you have not 15mins out of each day to pray the Rosary you deserve the turmoil that befalls you.

When you pray your Rosary please also add the intention that Bishop Fellay has asked us for in the current Rosary Crusade, namely that the Holy Father will finally consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as Our Lady requested at Fatima..

I will end this today with the words of HH. Leo XIII:

"This then is the hope, which, amid the manifold evils which beset society, brightens, consoles, and supports Us. May Mary, the Mother of God and of men, herself the authoress and teacher of the Rosary, procure for Us its happy fulfillment."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Recent thoughts

Today ends the Michaelmas Embertide & this year is an extra penetential time for me because I have been very sick this week.. I have offered my sickness for the conversion of poor sinners & especially so-called "Catholics" that they may return to the ONE TRUE FAITH..

Barber School is going very well for me, and I have passed all the tests so far with a 96% or better...Actually I had 2 100% scores.

I am sorry that I have not written much recently, between studying, and trying to get over this illness I have not found much time to write however; I will rectify that soon....

Monday, September 07, 2009

Bl. Toirdhealbhach Albert Ó Briain

Toirdhealbhach Albert Ó Briain
(Terence Albert O'Brien)

His Excellency joined the Dominican order in 1622.

Dominican prior provincial of Ireland.

Bishop of Emly, Ireland.

He was ordered to acknowledge the English king as head of the Church; he declined. Martyr.


* 1601 in Tuogh (Tower Hill), Limerick, Ireland


* martyred on 30 October 1651 in Limerick, Ireland

Bl. Toirdhealbhach, Pray for me as I walk to our Holy Father Dominic...

Sunday, September 06, 2009


"No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will stand by the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon" (Mt.6:24).

Whom do you love and serve? God, or yourself & the world.
That is the question asked by Our Lord in today's Holy Gospel. It is something that we should contemplate because often times we find ourselves answering the question in favour of the side of mammon.

We should remember that this world is NOT our true home & we are made to know, love, and serve God in this life & to spend eternity with Him in Heaven..That dear friends is the true meaning of life, that the the essence of why we are here. Not to make a million dollars, not to have the best house, not to have what the world considers rich because remember Our Lord's words today, "No man can serve two masters"

Let us seek FIRST the kingdom of God!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Missal Madness


Ok, so....
You have realised the crisis in the Church, you have renounced the heresies of Vatican II, and have decided to NEVER attend another Novus Ordo Mass.
You desire to be CATHOLIC and not some Protestant hybrid.

You've purchased your 1962 Missal, NOW WHAT?!?!

What are all those ribbons for?
How do you even begin following along?
You feel that you will never get the "flipping" down,
you have entered what I like to call: "Missal Madness"

Hopefully after reading this post you will feel alot more comfortable with your Missal because it will be your constant companion at Holy Mass from now until your death.

While there is no hard and fast rule as to how one should set up the ribbons in their missal, I will show you the way ,y missal is set up and that way in which I personally use the ribbons. Please feel free to tell me if this helps you..

1. The Purple Ribbon can be placed either on page 20 (The Most Necessary Prayers) or if your Parish has regular Benediction, which it SHOULD! you can place the purple ribbon on page 119

2. Find the Sunday Mass coming up, example (14th Sunday after Pentecost, pg. 764) put the White Ribbon on this page so as to follow the propers of that Sunday.

3. Put the Red Ribbon at the Ordinary of the Mass (Page 838) These are the parts of the Mass that do NOT change.

As you pray the Mass with the Priest, and flip back and forth (which WILL get easier with time) just flip the pages to keep up.

When you get to one of the Propers of the Mass simply flip to the White Ribbon. (and back...see how simple it really is?)

4. Use the Green Ribbon to keep track of the Propers for the Saint of the day. Today that would be page 1397 Saint Lawrence.
Make sure you move the ribbon daily to keep up with the Saints Feasts.

5. The Black ribbon you have several choices.
Personally I like to keep it on pg. 1796 "Prayers against Satan and the other Rebellious Angels" which I pray weekly.

During Holy Week I like to move the black ribbon to the Office of Tenebrae.

For Baptisms, Confirmations, Churching of Women etc. Your may place your black ribbon there.

You have many different options and please remember, this is only how I set up and use my ribbons, you may find a way that you like more I simply want to help you alleviate the feeling of Missal Madness...

A final word on where to obtain the best missal......
The 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal published by Angelus Press is simply the most complete and best of the Traditional missals out there and the one I use. It has NOT been infiltraited with the Novus Ordo mentality. You can obtain one from Angelus press or if you are in the Jacksonville Florida area I would strongly encourage you to visit the only 100% Traditional Catholic Parish around and the Parish that I am a member of: The bookstore is loaded with REAL Catholic books including the Daily Missal....

Thursday, September 03, 2009

St. Pius X


Today Holy Mother Church celebrates the feast Pope St. Pius X, the hammer of the heretics & the terror of modernists!

St. Pius X is one of my personal favourite Saints due to his zeal for the True Teachings of the Church, his tireless battle and defeat of the modernists of his day, and his TRUE Marian papacy. Not a Papacy that pushed a change to Our Lady's Rosary, (as if Our Pontiff of recent memory knew better than Our Lady herself what HER Rosary should consist of) Placing an "M" on your Papal heraldic device and paying lip-service to The Blessed Mother does NOT make one a "Marian Pope" either.

St. Pius X did not gallivant all over the world teaching false, new doctrines like ecumenism, no need for the Jews, Heretics, & Schismatics to convert, and certainly Our Holy Saint Pius X NEVER kissed a copy of the Q'uran!!

He was not lauded as "P10" nor did he hold rock concerts for teens however he WAS OBEYED and by some even FEARED, and did I mention, he is incorruptible?

Today I was honored and blessed to be able to venerate a 1st Class relic of St. Pius X and even have a special Rosary that is now a 3rd class relic. My personal weapon against novelty, modernism, error, heresy, and Satan!

Let us pray to Our Holy Pope-Saint in Heaven to unleash a wave to TRUTH to destroy once and for all this evil that has overtaken most of The Church..

Let us pray.
O God, who, for the defence of the Catholic faith and the restoration of all things in Christ, didst fill Saint Pius, Supreme Pontiff, with heavenly wisdom and apostolic fearlessness, mercifully grant that, by following his teachings and examples, we may receive thine eternal recompence. Through the same.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Forgotten words of Vatican II


Many people wrongly think that we CATHOLICS use only the words of Archbishop Lefebvre, or Cardinal Ottaviani who spoke out about the evils of the Modernist agenda at The Council as our two and only two banners (as if there were not more)

Here, the words and warnings of the past come ALIVE when viewed by the current horrible crisis in The Church and the evil, rotten "fruits" of Vatican 2, Here then are the words of His Eminence, James Cardinal McIntyre, Given at the 2nd Vatican Council October 23, 1962

"The schema on the Liturgy proposes confusion and complication. If it is adopted, it would be an immediate scandal for our people. The continuity of the Mass must be kept. The tradition of the sacred ceremonies must be preserved.... Changes are not needed....

In recent times, even in materialist North America, the growth of the Church was magnificent with the liturgy being kept in Latin. The attempts of the Protestants have failed, and Protestantism uses the vernacular. We ask again: Why the change, especially since changes in this matter involve many difficulties and great dangers? All of us here at the Council can recall the fundamental changes in the meaning of words in common use. Thus it follows that if the Sacred Liturgy were in the vernacular, the immutability of doctrine would be endangered.
The introduction of the vernacular should be separated from the action of the Mass. The Mass must remain as it is. Grave changes in the liturgy introduce grave changes in dogmata."

New name?


I have been praying for 3 choices of Religious names to present to Rev. Father Roberts for my entrance to the Novitiate....Choosing "Louis" was of course my first choice due to my strong devotion to the Father from Montfort however...After reading, praying, and contemplating seriously over the matter I have really become attatched to St. Hyacinth and would be honored to bear his name & his zeal.

Hopefully Rev. Father will grant my request and allow me to bear the name:
Frater Hyacinth T.O.P.

Some of the GREAT things about St. Hyacinth:

1. Hyacinth was about to save a Monstrance (or possibly a Ciborium, it is unknown exactly which one) containing the Holy Host when he heard the voice of Blessed Virgin Mary asking him to take her too. So he decided to take also the statue of the Holy Virgin. Despite the fact that it weighed far more than he could normally lifted, it became miraculously weightless. Thus he saved both the Holy Host and the Mother Mary.


3. He led a very small band of Brothers and successfully preached the Gospel to: Poland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Russia, Turkey, and Greece.

4. He was one of Saint Dominic's first Brothers

5. He died on the Feast of the Assumption, (In Our Lady's embrace)

6. It takes a REAL MAN of Faith to be called "Hyacinth!"

If only I can live up to his preaching zeal
(I'm trying to do my best....ask any heretic I come into contact with!)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Dominican Soul commentary (Pt.1)


As part of the Postulancy I received a binder with various Dominican information that I am to read throughout the next 5 months prior to my entering the Novitiate. The first of these essays was entitled:
The Dominican Soul
by Fr. M. M. Philipon, OP

Tears actually fell from my face when I read this as I realised even more how called to Dominican Life I am. I have decided to write a commentary on this beautiful essay in segments (in between my normal posts)

I will first include the passage from the text, and then my comments....

A DOMINICAN SOUL is a soul of light whose rapt gaze dwells in the
inaccessible splendor wherein God conceals Himself. It lives with Him by faith, is in the company of the Three Divine Persons; a true child of God, adopted through grace into the very Family of the Trinity. The invisible world becomes familiar to it; it pursues its way on earth in intimacy with Christ, the Blessed Mother and the saints. It perceives everything in the radiance of God.

But it does not jealously guard its faith for itself. It longs to bear the torch of faith everywhere on land and sea, in every country, to the ends of the earth. This soul belongs to that race of apostles who have been prophetically designated by the Church from their earliest days as champions of the faith and true lights of the world: "Pugiles fidei et vera mundi lumina." We have here the key to the whole Dominican vocation: to live, defend and propagate the faith in the atmosphere of the Church. The Dominican soul, looking beyond the activity of secondary causes, judges men and things only in the light of God.


"A DOMINICAN SOUL is a soul of light whose rapt gaze dwells in the inaccessible splendor wherein God conceals Himself."

In nomine Patris et fillii et Spiritus Sancti---AMEN!

In this age when even Holy Mother Church is darkened by the smoke of Satan, when the infernal hordes have succeeded in forcing the heretical Novus Ordo Mass on the faithful, when the Diabolical Second Vatican Council is viewed as THE only Council that really matters "nowadays" a SOUL OF LIGHT is truly needed.

A Soul of light who dares to stand up for Christ, His Holy Mother, and His Church
A Soul of light who combats these modernist forces of darkness by "bearing the torch of faith everywhere on land and sea, in every country, to the ends of the earth."

It is said in the essay that: "The key to the whole Dominican vocation: to live, defend and propagate the faith in the atmosphere of the Church."

Of all times, in all ages, this current crisis in The Church demands action. Whom will you stand with, The Devil and his Modernist lackeys or Christ and His One True Church? It honestly is that simple. The action called upon by the Dominican Soul is one of Preaching, preaching to the whole Church if need be, but preach none the less.

What shall we preach?
We shall, like 3rd Order Dominican Saint Louis de Montfort proclaim the TRUTH with the Rosary in one hand, and the Word of God in the other. We, Dominicans will become the "apostles of the latter times" that St. Louis spoke of often.

Our Holy Father Dominic shows us the way. Let us walk with him to restore what was lost. The Devil has declared war on The Church, will YOU be content to embrace the dark smoke of Satan, or will you be a SOUL OF LIGHT??

Newest sticker design!!


I have yet another bumper sticker design that is short, to the point, and gets the message across for Catholics in my area who are longing for a 100% Traditional Parish.

I have already received many complements AND complaints on the few that are on my SUV at present.
(especially the "Exorcise the "spirit" of Vatican II")

CATHOLICS love it....Modernists HATE it!!

Anyway, here is my design, I should be ordering it within the next few days. anybody in the Jacksonville Florida area that would like one please send me a message.. They are about $5 each but I can order them for you...

Bishop Williamson on Russia & the Consecration

The following was originally posted on Angelqueen

"Russia's Conversion
A remarkable yet possible plan of Heaven for today's world can be guessed at, if Orthodox Christianity is reviving within Russia in the manner described to me a few days ago in London by a Russian. His description corresponds to the impression brought away from Russia by an American friend visiting St Petersburg a few years ago - the average Russian has distinctly more spiritual substance in him then has the average spiritually wasted Westerner. Does this connect with Our Lady of Fatima...?

The Russian in London told me that the Orthodox Church in Russia is following rather than leading a revival of Orthodoxy amongst the people. Attendance at the Orthodox liturgy has increased by half over the last two years, and now 80% of Russians are at least calling themselves "Orthodox", i.e. believers. New parishes are springing up everywhere. Bibles are snatched up as soon as they come on sale. Religious literature is flourishing, whilst atheistic propaganda is dying. "Holy Russia" is rising from the grave in which Communism from 1917 to 1989 strove to bury it.

For when the Communist structures of the Soviet "empire of evil" (Pres. Reagan) collapsed in 1989, the Russians turned for an ideology to replace Communism not to Western Liberalism but to their national and religious roots in Russian Orthodoxy. What indeed had the decadent West had to offer to Russia's new needs in the 1990's ? In economics, the plundering of their wealth by capitalist vultures; in politics, the still on-going encirclement of their frontiers to ensure the United States' permanent global hegemony by the construction of a ring of military bases which are one, if not the real, reason for the disastrous occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan never to come to an end; in religion, the attempted push eastwards of Conciliar ecumenism, with which apparently the Russian churchmen want nothing to do - on the contrary, they are aware of the Traditional Catholic movement, and support it.

However, let us be under no illusion: Russian Orthodoxy welds together religion and patriotism in a not wholly godly mixture, and Orthodoxy is still schismatic by refusing the Papal Supremacy, and heretical by refusing a number of dogmas, so Russians do need to be converted to the truly Universal or Catholic Church. But if Our Lady of Fatima has singled out their country for the Consecration to her Heart, may it not be, not because the Russians are still wicked Communists but because the Russian people's huge sufferings from their 70 Babylonian years of Communist captivity are calling forth from the always religious depths of "Holy Russia" an upsurge of spiritual vitality which could save the true Church, presently wilting in the West, where Church Authority may still have large numbers but it has little Faith, whilst the Traditional remnant has the true Faith but little by way of numbers and less by way of Authority ? God knows how the Western Church also needs conversion !

May it then be Russia's smashing of the encirclement in a Third World War leading to its occupation of Europe, which will at last drive the Latin Pope to consecrate Russia to Our Lady's Heart, as she has so long been asking for in vain? Will at that moment the Russians' renewed religious vigor save our languishing Catholic Authority and Tradition, whose Truth will in turn cleanse their errors ? If so, then God will once again have "concluded all in unbelief, that He may have mercy on all...How incomprehensible are His judgments, and how unsearchable His ways... To Him be glory for ever" (Rom. XI, 32...36).

Catholics, mainstream and of Tradition, pray your hearts out for the Consecration of Russia to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God, or "Theotokos" as she is known in the Eastern Church.

Kyrie eleison.

London, England"

Friday, August 28, 2009

My walk with St. Dominic


Last night I spoke with Rev. Father and I will be entering the 5 month T.O.P. postulancy very soon. At the end (God willing) I will enter the novitiate, recieve the habit, and my religious name.

We talked about the fact that up until V2 the T.O.P. wore the habit to Holy Mass, during processions, any Liturgical functions, Meetings, and of course being burried in the Habit. I like this very much because each time one puts on the habit the vows are punctuated ever more strongly in ones' mind and heart.

My love of Dominican spirituality came from St. Louis De Montfort (T.O.P.)and the more and more I read, the more and more St. Dominic's call was heard. TRUE Dominican spirituality!! It is truly a shame what has happened by and large to the Order of Preachers since the Council however, I want to be a loyal son of Holy Mother Church & a son of Holy Father Dominic...

I ask for everyone's prayers as I begin my Dominican walk..

Most Blessed Mother, Pray for us,
St. Dominic, Pray for us
St. Louis De Montfort, Pray for us

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

St. Louis IX

Deus, qui per beátum Ludovícum Confessórem tuum de terréno regno ad cæléstis regni glóriam transtulísti : ejus, quæsumus, méritis et intercessióne ; Regis regum Jesu Christi Fílii tui fácias nos esse consórtes : Qui tecum vivit et regnat.

Let us pray.
O God, who didst exalt blessed Louis thy Confessor, from an earthly realm to the glory of thy heavenly kingdom : grant, we pray thee, that by his merits and intercession ; we may be made heirs of the King of kings, even Jesus Christ thy Son our Lord. Who liveth and reigneth with thee.


Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17, St Hyacinth


Today is the feast of St Hyacinth, Dominican, received into the Order of Preachers by St Dominic himself.

Deus, qui nos beáti Hyacínthi Confessóris tui ánnua solemnitáte lætíficas : concéde propítius ; ut, cujus natalítia cólimus, étiam actiónes imitémur. Per Dóminum.

Let us pray.

O God, who makest us glad with the yearly feast of blessed Hyacinth thy Confessor : mercifully grant, that as we now observe his heavenly birthday, so we may follow him in all virtuous and godly living. Through.

Here is a special Dominican treat!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bishop Williamson Speaks


I love His Excellency Bishop Williamson

Rev. Father Cooper SSPX (Sermon on the Assumption of Our Lady) AUG.15 2009

New stickers for the car!!


As most of you know I LOVE to switch the bumper stickers on my car from time to time & many may remember the great TRAD stickers I designed some time back.

Well I have designed a few new ones that will be on the back of my Xterra soon and have them on order....

Here they are:

Rev Father's sermon today was GREAT and reminded me to NEVER back down from sharing the Holy Faith ALWAYS!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today I had a GREAT conversation with Rev. Father R.
My wife and I have a meeting sched. for Thursday evening and I am looking forward to actually belonging to a 100% TRADITIONAL Parish..

This will be a true answer to our long-prayed prayer.
And Rev. Father said that he would teach me chant as well which is something I have always wanted to learn....

I thank Our Lord & His Most Blessed Mother for hearing a humble slave's petition...
I am so excited....Now, its time for me to pray Vespers....

THE MASS returned to St. Joseph's


Remember 2 years ago when we, the Catholics of Jacksonville were raked over the coals by Rev. Father Tom Willis for supporting the Traditional Mass and community of St. Joseph/s Parish?

Well Our Lady heard our petitions and The Holy Ghost moved Rev. Father Cody.....

The Traditional Mass returned to St. Joseph's on Trinity Sunday, June 7th, after an absence of more than 40 years. The Mass is celebrated in the Historic Church on the first and third Sundays of each month at 11 a.m. by Rev. Father Darius Sleszynski.

A small victory for Our Lady crushing the head of satan!!

A workshop for the Soul!


Have you been looking for solid Traditional Catholic Radio programs?
If you have not listened to WFTS (A workshop for the Soul) then you really should.

They are connected with the SSPV (a sedevacantist group) however; very rarely will you hear that position broadcasted. What you WILL get is SOLID traditional Catholic teaching..

Workshop for the soul!!