Saturday, September 26, 2009

Recent thoughts

Today ends the Michaelmas Embertide & this year is an extra penetential time for me because I have been very sick this week.. I have offered my sickness for the conversion of poor sinners & especially so-called "Catholics" that they may return to the ONE TRUE FAITH..

Barber School is going very well for me, and I have passed all the tests so far with a 96% or better...Actually I had 2 100% scores.

I am sorry that I have not written much recently, between studying, and trying to get over this illness I have not found much time to write however; I will rectify that soon....


Amanda said...

Glad to hear barber school is going well. Hope you feel better soon!

ViaTeam said...

Best of luck to you and your studies, both in the Faith and in your soon to be line of expertise!
I just got a blogspot. Check it out. I know youre busy but we cant wait for another post from you.