Monday, November 09, 2009

The Holy Rosary is NOT optional!


The Holy Rosary of Our Lady is NOT an optional devotion!
Strong words huh? Well, clearly HH. Leo XIII didn't think that The Rosary is merely a nice little thing to do when you think about it, or rather a cutesy devotion by little old ladies, NO! Leo XIII wrote no less than 17 encylicals on the Rosary...

Today I would like to focus on one of those Encylicals:
LAETITIAE SANCTAE promulgated on September 8, 1893

The Holy Father says:
"For We are convinced that the Rosary, if devoutly used, is bound to benefit not only the individual but society at large."

Did you understand what he just said? The Rosary will be of great benefit to Society at large if we would truly devoutly pray Our Rosaries! Our hope and change is NOT the the government, and not in the empty words of the evil one, no...

Our Lady has many times told us PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.......

She has given to St. Dominic and through him the whole Church her Blessed Rosary and has told us countless times that simply through praying the Rosary that wars will be averted, nations will convert to God, souls will be saved, and the peace which comes not from the United Nations or liberal socialists but from Her Holy Son will reign upon the earth. If you have not 15mins out of each day to pray the Rosary you deserve the turmoil that befalls you.

When you pray your Rosary please also add the intention that Bishop Fellay has asked us for in the current Rosary Crusade, namely that the Holy Father will finally consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as Our Lady requested at Fatima..

I will end this today with the words of HH. Leo XIII:

"This then is the hope, which, amid the manifold evils which beset society, brightens, consoles, and supports Us. May Mary, the Mother of God and of men, herself the authoress and teacher of the Rosary, procure for Us its happy fulfillment."