Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New name?


I have been praying for 3 choices of Religious names to present to Rev. Father Roberts for my entrance to the Novitiate....Choosing "Louis" was of course my first choice due to my strong devotion to the Father from Montfort however...After reading, praying, and contemplating seriously over the matter I have really become attatched to St. Hyacinth and would be honored to bear his name & his zeal.

Hopefully Rev. Father will grant my request and allow me to bear the name:
Frater Hyacinth T.O.P.

Some of the GREAT things about St. Hyacinth:

1. Hyacinth was about to save a Monstrance (or possibly a Ciborium, it is unknown exactly which one) containing the Holy Host when he heard the voice of Blessed Virgin Mary asking him to take her too. So he decided to take also the statue of the Holy Virgin. Despite the fact that it weighed far more than he could normally lifted, it became miraculously weightless. Thus he saved both the Holy Host and the Mother Mary.


3. He led a very small band of Brothers and successfully preached the Gospel to: Poland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Russia, Turkey, and Greece.

4. He was one of Saint Dominic's first Brothers

5. He died on the Feast of the Assumption, (In Our Lady's embrace)

6. It takes a REAL MAN of Faith to be called "Hyacinth!"

If only I can live up to his preaching zeal
(I'm trying to do my best....ask any heretic I come into contact with!)

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Amanda said...

yay for St. Hyacinth!