Friday, September 21, 2007

"Real Life" vs. "Work"


Ya know, it never ceases to amaze me just how driven by false things we Americans really are. Have you noticed that when people meet for the first time the question most asked is: "So, what do you do?" (Meaning of course, where do you work?) We are obsessed with work, work, work, work!

When asked what "I" do, I proudly proclaim that I am a Husband, Father, and a proud Slave of Our Lord Jesus through his most Holy Mother. I use my talents of cooking and languages to help me in the work of Apologetics and sharing the Good News of Christ. It is at this point that I get strange looks and clarifications. "No, I mean, what do you DO? Where do you work?"

Such a sad thing when so many people rather than working to live, LIVE to work. Their families suffer, their faith (if they had any to start with) dries to a barren desert, and they sacrifice their immortal souls to their false idol…. "I choose my job, my career, money, false power, etc. over God." That is what these people are truly saying……Yes, in this current society we must work to pay the bills and sure, you can find some enjoyment in working however; when you take your focus off of what REALLY matters then my friends, you have bowed to your master. Mammon!!!

I separate work form "real life." I had this conversation this morning with a young lady at my place of employment who lives to work, and she of course had the blank stare of someone who could not conceive of such a thing…I reminded her that no matter how much money you make, how many "things" you have purchased, how far up the Corporate Ladder you have climbed, or how great of an emplyoee you are....You cannot take that with you and when you stand before The Lord of the Universe to be judged, none of that will matter. What did you do with the talents and gifts he has bestowed upon you? What WORK did you do for His Kingdom and the salvation of souls?

I told her of how, last year when I was out of work for 6 mos. That was my favourite "job” My wife was working and I stayed home, did the cleaning, cooking (well, I ALWAYS do the cooking) had dinner on the table, and spent the whole day in prayer….THAT was my favorite "job" I have ever had. This young lady looked at me as though I had lizards crawling out of my nose! My true vocation is to Know, to love, to serve God in this life and be happy with Him in the next…..That's it period when it all boils down…I am not about the business of caring about false transitory things

Do YOU spend more time focusing on work than God? Do you assist at Holy Mass EVERY Sunday? Do you make FREQUENT use of the Sacrament of Confession? Are the false things of this world and Satan's pomps and works more important to you than your salvation and service to God?

It all comes back to the ultimate question, who or what is YOUR God???

Thursday, September 20, 2007

And furthermore..........

After being diagnosed with ADHD this past Tuesday evening by. Rev. Father Thomas Willis, Pastor of Most Holy Redeemer Parish in Jacksonville Florida I have had some time to seriously think about how offended I am. I openly forgive Father for feeling the need to make such a hostile and sarcastic comment. Perhaps his acclaimed witty remarks left a lot to be desired but, doesn't that speak to how much The Devil REALLY is on the move? Satan is scared that sooo many people will be exposed to The Holy Mass, and through the Mass and Truly CATHOLIC teaching be brought a deep conversion to the One True Church.

The Devil is not going to let up on this (Not that I am comparing Father Willis to Satan. In case someone was thinking that. He is merely an individual who has made his dislike for the Holy Mass known) and instead of us lashing back at ignorance and hatred, let us do what Holy Mother Church has always done. Teach the ignorant, correct their errors, show the Novus Ordo Catholic who don't know any better the beauty, transcendence, and true worship of God found within the infallibility of the Traditional Mass.

The Novus Ordo is at the very least seriously flawed, and at the very most invalid in some cases and WE (so-called Traditionalists) know this. Lets move on and actually DO something about correcting the knowledge of individuals who don't know any better rather than continue attacking things that WE all agree on anyway.

Our Holy Father has given you and I power unheard of before. It is up to you and I to do the work of PRAYER, FASTING, INSTRUCTION, CATECHESIS, and extending our open arms in true love to those poor Catholics who don't know their faith and have no clue what has been held back from them in a lot of cases….I challenge you TODAY……invite at least 3 people with you to Holy Mass this Sunday and before-hand discuss the Mass and what it truly is. Show some love to them that persecute us and offer up the pain and humiliation for poor souls, after all that is what is at stake in this current crisis…..Souls are being lost………..I ask you to join me in my prayer:

Loving Mother of our Saviour,
I entrust to Thee the Diocese of St. Augustine

I offer everything that I am, have, and will have to Thy Immaculate Heart

In Thy unending Mercy, please pray for the hard hearts of all clergy who so desperately fight against the full worship of Thy Divine Son

Be with we, Thy faithful children mourning and weeping in this Valley of Tears

Dearest Mother, save souls, least of which shall be mine.

I humbly ask of thee through my bond of Holy Slavery..

Hail Mary……..
Hail Mary……..
Hail Mary……..

Glory Be………AMEN

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Meeting at St. Joes last night


Last night, my wife and I attended the meeting at St. Joseph’s Parish to discuss the Traditional Mass and the recent Motu Proprio by the Holy Father, and how this would effect the Diocese, and to ask Rev. Father Thomas Willis (The Director of Liturgy for the Diocese) questions. I was saddened by the way Rev. Father Willis conducted himself and the general hostile attitude of the meeting towards the Holy Mass.

The meeting started with an excellent presentation by the Director of Adult Education for St. Joseph's Parish and when Fr. Willis took the podium, the tone and mood of the meeting changed to one of controlled anger, sarcastic comments, and back-handed-ness. He expressed his wish to NOT have the meeting recorded which of course was his right. I personally would have thought he wouldn't mind so that he could NOT be mis-quoted. Hmmmmmm.

When honest questions were put to him, his answers were a beautiful exposition on various topics having nothing to do with the actual question answered....UNLESS the question was slanted against The Holy Mass.

Fr. Willis gave an extremely one-sided presentation of the history of liturgy that left alot to be desired.

Near the end of the meeting Fr. Willis in an effort to make some sort of joke I assume, mentioned a study that was conducted by Creighton University about individuals who prefer the Mass being linked to having A.D.D. This did in fact make me laugh because I thought Fr. Willis (who I heard can be rather intimidating) would have better stuff to say that that. I was not intimidated in the least, but I was very offended. (Blessed are those who are persecuted)

Now, something that Fr. Willis did say that I agree with is the fact that he mentioned that on the internet he has been blasted and very un-charitable things have been said of him. Now, I say that when we resort to those sorts of slander, we are no better than our Novus Ordo counterparts who blast The Saintly Arch Bishop Lefebvre. And those of os faithfil to the Traditions and Teachings of Holy Mother Church. Prayer and fasting for their hearts to change should be our business.
Living a TRULY Catholic life should be our silent but powerful example.

Notice I am only speaking the facts of my observations of the meeting. So much more was said that I COULD mention however; it would not solve anything. Our Holy Father has given us a beautiful gift and has tried to remove the roadblocks put up by Many Bishops. We should continue praying daily for the end to this crisis withoin Holy Mother Church and the hostility towards those of us who have been treated as the proverbial red-headed step-children.

Anyway, the meeting went as the majority of us expected with the basic gist being, His Excellency will asses the situation but Fr. Willis made clear that The Mass is NOT a priority for Bishop Galleone...

Oremus pro Antistite nostro Victor Galleone

Monday, September 10, 2007

Procession honours this coming Sat!


I was asked after Holy Mass yesterday to join in, and help carry Our Lady in the procession this coming Sat. which is the feast of Our Lady of Penafranchia, as well as the 7 sorrows of the BVM…We will be walking in procession downtown to the water, then taking the water taxi across and finishing at the feast/reception with yummy delicious Filipino food all in honour of Our Most Blessed Mother….

As a slave of love, anything I can do for Our Lady I jump on… I LOVE My Mother completely and all of my being has been entrusted to Her.

I am honoured to serve Our Blessed Virgin in this way…

+ De Maria numquam satis +

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Nativity of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Famulis tuis, quæsumus, Dómine, cæléstis gratiæ munus impertire : ut, quibus beátæ Vírginis partus exstitit salútis exordium ; Nativitátis ejus votiva solemnitas pacis tríbuat increméntum. Per Dóminum

Friday, September 07, 2007

The beauty of passing the faith

One of my favourite images at Holy Mass is when the Missal is moved from the Epistle side to the Gospel side of the Altar to symbolize the passing of Faith from the Jews to the Gentiles. The priest then returns to the middle of the Altar and bows with his hands joined. He then says the Munda Cor Meum.

"Munda cor meum ac lábia mea, omnípotens Deus, qui lábia Isaíæ Prophétæ cálculo mundásti igníto: ita me tua grata miseratióne dignáre mundáre, ut sanctum Evangélium tuum digne váleam nuntiáre. Per Christum Dóminum nostrum. Amen."

"Cleanse my heart and my lips, O Almighty God, Who didst cleanse the lips of the prophet Isaias with a burning coal; through Thy gracious mercy so purify me that I may worthily proclaim Thy holy Gospel. Through Christ our Lord. Amen."

This simple act and the prayer before the Gospel is read is such a profound moment during the Mass of the Catechumens that even those who are not yet in full communion may at least remain to hear the words of Jesus before the Mass of the Faithful.

This passing from the Jew to the Gentile is a warning also. Do not be as the Jew who keeps their blinders on and rejects the Truth…It is now up to us to hearken to what Our Lord commands, it is up to us to be the "Salt of the earth." We who were considered as dogs by the Jewish people have become the Samaritan woman who was given the Living water...

We are then confronted with the words and actions of our loving saviour….Moving away from the Old Covenant into the New.

The hinge is the Munda cor meum where the Priest identifies with the Prophet Isais and asks for the cleansing before proclaiming the Gospel of The Lord….

What a truly beautiful moment during the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass!!!!

Cardinal Kasper kissing up to the Prots!


It would seem that Cardinal Walter Kasper is taking the usual Vat II stance of vague uncertainty with the document that came out from the CDF. He said that "some readers have misinterpreted a statement released in July by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith" which explained the Vatican II teaching that the Church founded by Christ "subsists" in the Catholic Church-- the Vatican's doctrinal agency had Protestant groups cannot properly be called "churches" since they do not preserve the Eucharist.

Now, NO!! They are not "misinterpreting" the document….The 2,000 year teaching of Holy Mother Church has been that we are THE ONE TRUE FAITH…..If that makes the Prots uneasy well, then fine…..Maybe they should be uneasy, and maybe that uneasiness will lead them to search the Truth and Praise God, through the Holy Ghost lead them into the real CHURCH.

But, no….no….in this day and age of false ecumenism we can't ell anyone that THEY are wrong and we are right because that might hurt their feelings…..Well, if feelings get hurt but souls are won and saved that's a fair trade if you ask me. There is no "subsisting" the Catholic Church IS the Truth!

If we pretend that we are all equals and that everything is relative we have turned our back on the true teaching of Holy Mother Church…In this day when people cannot speak the full un-doctored truth it is no wonder why we get called "hostile" or "not with the times" We are doing exactly what St. Paul commanded us to do……"Hold Fast!"

This shameful act by Cardinal Kasper takes the sting out of the heart and message of the document and that is what relativist in today's world need….A good STING of truth…After all the expression "The truth hurts" is indeed true….

Let us pray for all of the souls that have now been lost because Cardinal Kasper just had to tell the Prots that its all ok and the big bad Catholic Church wasn't trying to "offend them"


My review of: Mary of Graces CD

This is one of my ALL TIME favourite CDs!
Sung by The Daughters of Mary (A sedevacantist religious order)
Their theology may be flawed and seriously in error however; their praise of Our Most Holy Mother is beautiful with 20 tracks of songs that any Traditional Catholic will know & sadly most Novus Ordo Catholics have never heard (save for a few)
Mary Of Graces is the perfect CD to listen to when cooking, working around the house, driving, reading, honestly ANYTIME is a good time to listen. Just as ANYTIME is a good time to Praise our Glorious Immaculate Mother!!!
+ De Maria numquam satis +
The tracks are:
1. O Mary of Graces
2. Salve Mater Misericordiae
3. Bring Flowers of the Rarest
4. Angelus
5. O Queen of the Holy Rosary
6. Ave Maris Stella
7. Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above
8. Dear Angel Ever at my side
9. Alma Redemptoris Mater
10. O Gloriosa Virginum
11. Ave Maria
12. Jesu Redemptor Omnium
13. Mother at Your Feet Is Kneeling
14. Magnificat
15. Maiden Mother
16. On This Day O Beautiful Mother
17. Regina Coeli
18. Tis the Month of Our Mother
19. Ave Verum
20. Hail Glorius Saint Patrick

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Review of: "The Rapture Trap"

It is sad to see that so many Christians are being deceived by this false doctrine of "The Rapture."
Thigpin, in a straightforward, low-level apologetics way covers the origins of this Non-Biblical heresy, and then proceeds to expound that this man-made invention is indeed a trap.
We Catholics need to truly be familiar with this silly false teaching so that when challenged by non Catholic "Christians" who blindly accept the heresy of Sola Scriptura; we will be able to show them IN Sacred Scripture how certain parts of verses have been twisted and distorted to "back up" the falsehood they accept as "Gospel truth."
But then again, do you expect any less if you ignore the Authority of Holy Mother Church and instead accept your own fallible personal interpretation of Sacred Scripture?
Bravo Dr. Thigpin......Christians everywhere NEED to read this book, and understand that this so-called "Rapture" business is sheer FANTASY.......

Review of the movie "Joshua"

Let me begin my review by quoting a previous poster that is clearly ignorant of what The Catholic Church truly teaches or believes,"if you agree with Roman Catholicism, then you will love this movie."
Well, I am a Roman Catholic and I would not say that I "love this movie" sure it does have some great moments like when Joshua after being commissioned to carve the statue of St. Peter says, "Yeah, I know Peter." or, and this is the most moving part for me. When Joshua embraces The Holy Father (the Pope) and calls him Peter re-affirming what He said in Matt. 16-18:"And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."
The problem that I do have with the story is that Jesus/Joshua does not make any distinction between True Christian doctrine and Protestant heresy; which is a serious problem in these days of false ecumenism. Jesus established ONE Church, not 336,000 different churches. Again, most "Christian" films these day are warm-fuzzy entertainment.
What I'd really like to see a movie made out of the book "Pierced by a sword" by Bud Macfarlane Jr,

EWTN....Solem High Mass


Something I never thought I would see (since the sad silencing of Mother Angelica) apparently EWTN will be airing a Solemn High Mass for the Exaltation of The Holy Cross on 14 Sept…I am very much looking forward to this and I know that Mother will be shedding tears of joy to see THE Mass on her network…

The battle for Tradition is a long way from being won and those of us need to remember that just because the Holy Father blessed us with his Motu Proprio does not mean that all is fine now….The essence of conciliar error is still at the heart of the crisis within Holy Mother Church & this will not be resolved by the aforementioned Motu Proprio.

In conversations with so-called "Conservative Catholics" they see this as something beautiful but again they rally behind the Modernist cry that "The Mass is The Mass" well, it is not……

This viewing of the Solemn High Mass will indeed be interesting however; I fear the the discussion panels that EWTN will have will, unfortunately be riddled with conciliar clap-trap and one-sided half-truths…..The very thought that Catholics would need to have discussions to explain what happens at Holy Mass is a sad thing in the first place but, I only hope that they do not turn it into Novus Ordo minded "explanation" which I fear will happen………..

Today 06-Sept. begins the Novena to the Sorrowful Mother:

"MOST BLESSED and afflicted Virgin, Queen of Martyrs, who didst stand generously beneath the cross, beholding the agony of thy dying Son; by the sword of sorrow which then pierced thy soul, by the sufferings of thy sorrowful life, by the unutterable joy which now more than repays thee for them; look down with a mother’s pity and tenderness, as I kneel before thee to compassionate thy sorrows, and to lay my petition with childlike confidence in thy wounded heart. I beg of thee, O my Mother, to plead continually for me with thy Son, since He can refuse thee nothing, and through the merits of His most sacred Passion and Death, together with thy own sufferings at the foot of the cross, so to touch His Sacred Heart, that I may obtain my request, Here pause and name the favours which you are asking Our Sorrowful Mother to obtain for you through this Novena. (Let your secondary intention be to pray for the intentions of all the people making this Novena anywhere in the world. Thus a great mass prayer for all Novena intentions will arise to Our Blessed Mother.) For to whom shall I fly in my wants and miseries, if not to thee, O Mother of mercy, who, having so deeply drunk the chalice of thy Son, canst most pity us poor exiles, still doomed to sigh in this vale of tears? Offer to Jesus but one drop of His Precious Blood, but one pang of His adorable Heart; remind Him that thou art our life, our sweetness, and our hope, and thou wilt obtain what I ask, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Hail Mary, Virgin Most Sorrowful, pray for us." (Seven times)