Saturday, September 05, 2009

Missal Madness


Ok, so....
You have realised the crisis in the Church, you have renounced the heresies of Vatican II, and have decided to NEVER attend another Novus Ordo Mass.
You desire to be CATHOLIC and not some Protestant hybrid.

You've purchased your 1962 Missal, NOW WHAT?!?!

What are all those ribbons for?
How do you even begin following along?
You feel that you will never get the "flipping" down,
you have entered what I like to call: "Missal Madness"

Hopefully after reading this post you will feel alot more comfortable with your Missal because it will be your constant companion at Holy Mass from now until your death.

While there is no hard and fast rule as to how one should set up the ribbons in their missal, I will show you the way ,y missal is set up and that way in which I personally use the ribbons. Please feel free to tell me if this helps you..

1. The Purple Ribbon can be placed either on page 20 (The Most Necessary Prayers) or if your Parish has regular Benediction, which it SHOULD! you can place the purple ribbon on page 119

2. Find the Sunday Mass coming up, example (14th Sunday after Pentecost, pg. 764) put the White Ribbon on this page so as to follow the propers of that Sunday.

3. Put the Red Ribbon at the Ordinary of the Mass (Page 838) These are the parts of the Mass that do NOT change.

As you pray the Mass with the Priest, and flip back and forth (which WILL get easier with time) just flip the pages to keep up.

When you get to one of the Propers of the Mass simply flip to the White Ribbon. (and back...see how simple it really is?)

4. Use the Green Ribbon to keep track of the Propers for the Saint of the day. Today that would be page 1397 Saint Lawrence.
Make sure you move the ribbon daily to keep up with the Saints Feasts.

5. The Black ribbon you have several choices.
Personally I like to keep it on pg. 1796 "Prayers against Satan and the other Rebellious Angels" which I pray weekly.

During Holy Week I like to move the black ribbon to the Office of Tenebrae.

For Baptisms, Confirmations, Churching of Women etc. Your may place your black ribbon there.

You have many different options and please remember, this is only how I set up and use my ribbons, you may find a way that you like more I simply want to help you alleviate the feeling of Missal Madness...

A final word on where to obtain the best missal......
The 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal published by Angelus Press is simply the most complete and best of the Traditional missals out there and the one I use. It has NOT been infiltraited with the Novus Ordo mentality. You can obtain one from Angelus press or if you are in the Jacksonville Florida area I would strongly encourage you to visit the only 100% Traditional Catholic Parish around and the Parish that I am a member of: The bookstore is loaded with REAL Catholic books including the Daily Missal....

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