Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Forgotten words of Vatican II


Many people wrongly think that we CATHOLICS use only the words of Archbishop Lefebvre, or Cardinal Ottaviani who spoke out about the evils of the Modernist agenda at The Council as our two and only two banners (as if there were not more)

Here, the words and warnings of the past come ALIVE when viewed by the current horrible crisis in The Church and the evil, rotten "fruits" of Vatican 2, Here then are the words of His Eminence, James Cardinal McIntyre, Given at the 2nd Vatican Council October 23, 1962

"The schema on the Liturgy proposes confusion and complication. If it is adopted, it would be an immediate scandal for our people. The continuity of the Mass must be kept. The tradition of the sacred ceremonies must be preserved.... Changes are not needed....

In recent times, even in materialist North America, the growth of the Church was magnificent with the liturgy being kept in Latin. The attempts of the Protestants have failed, and Protestantism uses the vernacular. We ask again: Why the change, especially since changes in this matter involve many difficulties and great dangers? All of us here at the Council can recall the fundamental changes in the meaning of words in common use. Thus it follows that if the Sacred Liturgy were in the vernacular, the immutability of doctrine would be endangered.
The introduction of the vernacular should be separated from the action of the Mass. The Mass must remain as it is. Grave changes in the liturgy introduce grave changes in dogmata."

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