Thursday, September 03, 2009

St. Pius X


Today Holy Mother Church celebrates the feast Pope St. Pius X, the hammer of the heretics & the terror of modernists!

St. Pius X is one of my personal favourite Saints due to his zeal for the True Teachings of the Church, his tireless battle and defeat of the modernists of his day, and his TRUE Marian papacy. Not a Papacy that pushed a change to Our Lady's Rosary, (as if Our Pontiff of recent memory knew better than Our Lady herself what HER Rosary should consist of) Placing an "M" on your Papal heraldic device and paying lip-service to The Blessed Mother does NOT make one a "Marian Pope" either.

St. Pius X did not gallivant all over the world teaching false, new doctrines like ecumenism, no need for the Jews, Heretics, & Schismatics to convert, and certainly Our Holy Saint Pius X NEVER kissed a copy of the Q'uran!!

He was not lauded as "P10" nor did he hold rock concerts for teens however he WAS OBEYED and by some even FEARED, and did I mention, he is incorruptible?

Today I was honored and blessed to be able to venerate a 1st Class relic of St. Pius X and even have a special Rosary that is now a 3rd class relic. My personal weapon against novelty, modernism, error, heresy, and Satan!

Let us pray to Our Holy Pope-Saint in Heaven to unleash a wave to TRUTH to destroy once and for all this evil that has overtaken most of The Church..

Let us pray.
O God, who, for the defence of the Catholic faith and the restoration of all things in Christ, didst fill Saint Pius, Supreme Pontiff, with heavenly wisdom and apostolic fearlessness, mercifully grant that, by following his teachings and examples, we may receive thine eternal recompence. Through the same.

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