Thursday, September 06, 2007

Review of: "The Rapture Trap"

It is sad to see that so many Christians are being deceived by this false doctrine of "The Rapture."
Thigpin, in a straightforward, low-level apologetics way covers the origins of this Non-Biblical heresy, and then proceeds to expound that this man-made invention is indeed a trap.
We Catholics need to truly be familiar with this silly false teaching so that when challenged by non Catholic "Christians" who blindly accept the heresy of Sola Scriptura; we will be able to show them IN Sacred Scripture how certain parts of verses have been twisted and distorted to "back up" the falsehood they accept as "Gospel truth."
But then again, do you expect any less if you ignore the Authority of Holy Mother Church and instead accept your own fallible personal interpretation of Sacred Scripture?
Bravo Dr. Thigpin......Christians everywhere NEED to read this book, and understand that this so-called "Rapture" business is sheer FANTASY.......

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