Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Meeting at St. Joes last night


Last night, my wife and I attended the meeting at St. Joseph’s Parish to discuss the Traditional Mass and the recent Motu Proprio by the Holy Father, and how this would effect the Diocese, and to ask Rev. Father Thomas Willis (The Director of Liturgy for the Diocese) questions. I was saddened by the way Rev. Father Willis conducted himself and the general hostile attitude of the meeting towards the Holy Mass.

The meeting started with an excellent presentation by the Director of Adult Education for St. Joseph's Parish and when Fr. Willis took the podium, the tone and mood of the meeting changed to one of controlled anger, sarcastic comments, and back-handed-ness. He expressed his wish to NOT have the meeting recorded which of course was his right. I personally would have thought he wouldn't mind so that he could NOT be mis-quoted. Hmmmmmm.

When honest questions were put to him, his answers were a beautiful exposition on various topics having nothing to do with the actual question answered....UNLESS the question was slanted against The Holy Mass.

Fr. Willis gave an extremely one-sided presentation of the history of liturgy that left alot to be desired.

Near the end of the meeting Fr. Willis in an effort to make some sort of joke I assume, mentioned a study that was conducted by Creighton University about individuals who prefer the Mass being linked to having A.D.D. This did in fact make me laugh because I thought Fr. Willis (who I heard can be rather intimidating) would have better stuff to say that that. I was not intimidated in the least, but I was very offended. (Blessed are those who are persecuted)

Now, something that Fr. Willis did say that I agree with is the fact that he mentioned that on the internet he has been blasted and very un-charitable things have been said of him. Now, I say that when we resort to those sorts of slander, we are no better than our Novus Ordo counterparts who blast The Saintly Arch Bishop Lefebvre. And those of os faithfil to the Traditions and Teachings of Holy Mother Church. Prayer and fasting for their hearts to change should be our business.
Living a TRULY Catholic life should be our silent but powerful example.

Notice I am only speaking the facts of my observations of the meeting. So much more was said that I COULD mention however; it would not solve anything. Our Holy Father has given us a beautiful gift and has tried to remove the roadblocks put up by Many Bishops. We should continue praying daily for the end to this crisis withoin Holy Mother Church and the hostility towards those of us who have been treated as the proverbial red-headed step-children.

Anyway, the meeting went as the majority of us expected with the basic gist being, His Excellency will asses the situation but Fr. Willis made clear that The Mass is NOT a priority for Bishop Galleone...

Oremus pro Antistite nostro Victor Galleone

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