Thursday, September 20, 2007

And furthermore..........

After being diagnosed with ADHD this past Tuesday evening by. Rev. Father Thomas Willis, Pastor of Most Holy Redeemer Parish in Jacksonville Florida I have had some time to seriously think about how offended I am. I openly forgive Father for feeling the need to make such a hostile and sarcastic comment. Perhaps his acclaimed witty remarks left a lot to be desired but, doesn't that speak to how much The Devil REALLY is on the move? Satan is scared that sooo many people will be exposed to The Holy Mass, and through the Mass and Truly CATHOLIC teaching be brought a deep conversion to the One True Church.

The Devil is not going to let up on this (Not that I am comparing Father Willis to Satan. In case someone was thinking that. He is merely an individual who has made his dislike for the Holy Mass known) and instead of us lashing back at ignorance and hatred, let us do what Holy Mother Church has always done. Teach the ignorant, correct their errors, show the Novus Ordo Catholic who don't know any better the beauty, transcendence, and true worship of God found within the infallibility of the Traditional Mass.

The Novus Ordo is at the very least seriously flawed, and at the very most invalid in some cases and WE (so-called Traditionalists) know this. Lets move on and actually DO something about correcting the knowledge of individuals who don't know any better rather than continue attacking things that WE all agree on anyway.

Our Holy Father has given you and I power unheard of before. It is up to you and I to do the work of PRAYER, FASTING, INSTRUCTION, CATECHESIS, and extending our open arms in true love to those poor Catholics who don't know their faith and have no clue what has been held back from them in a lot of cases….I challenge you TODAY……invite at least 3 people with you to Holy Mass this Sunday and before-hand discuss the Mass and what it truly is. Show some love to them that persecute us and offer up the pain and humiliation for poor souls, after all that is what is at stake in this current crisis…..Souls are being lost………..I ask you to join me in my prayer:

Loving Mother of our Saviour,
I entrust to Thee the Diocese of St. Augustine

I offer everything that I am, have, and will have to Thy Immaculate Heart

In Thy unending Mercy, please pray for the hard hearts of all clergy who so desperately fight against the full worship of Thy Divine Son

Be with we, Thy faithful children mourning and weeping in this Valley of Tears

Dearest Mother, save souls, least of which shall be mine.

I humbly ask of thee through my bond of Holy Slavery..

Hail Mary……..
Hail Mary……..
Hail Mary……..

Glory Be………AMEN

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