Friday, September 07, 2007

Cardinal Kasper kissing up to the Prots!


It would seem that Cardinal Walter Kasper is taking the usual Vat II stance of vague uncertainty with the document that came out from the CDF. He said that "some readers have misinterpreted a statement released in July by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith" which explained the Vatican II teaching that the Church founded by Christ "subsists" in the Catholic Church-- the Vatican's doctrinal agency had Protestant groups cannot properly be called "churches" since they do not preserve the Eucharist.

Now, NO!! They are not "misinterpreting" the document….The 2,000 year teaching of Holy Mother Church has been that we are THE ONE TRUE FAITH…..If that makes the Prots uneasy well, then fine…..Maybe they should be uneasy, and maybe that uneasiness will lead them to search the Truth and Praise God, through the Holy Ghost lead them into the real CHURCH.

But, no….no….in this day and age of false ecumenism we can't ell anyone that THEY are wrong and we are right because that might hurt their feelings…..Well, if feelings get hurt but souls are won and saved that's a fair trade if you ask me. There is no "subsisting" the Catholic Church IS the Truth!

If we pretend that we are all equals and that everything is relative we have turned our back on the true teaching of Holy Mother Church…In this day when people cannot speak the full un-doctored truth it is no wonder why we get called "hostile" or "not with the times" We are doing exactly what St. Paul commanded us to do……"Hold Fast!"

This shameful act by Cardinal Kasper takes the sting out of the heart and message of the document and that is what relativist in today's world need….A good STING of truth…After all the expression "The truth hurts" is indeed true….

Let us pray for all of the souls that have now been lost because Cardinal Kasper just had to tell the Prots that its all ok and the big bad Catholic Church wasn't trying to "offend them"


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