Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good Shepherd Sunday (2nd Sunday after Easter)


 Today is Good Shepherd Sunday and in the COMMUNION ANTIPHON of today we heard:
(John 10:14)
"I am the good shepherd, alleluia!
And I Know my sheep, and mine know me, alleluia, alleluia!"

When was the last time you prayed for your Priest?
When was the last time you prayed for the Bishop of your Diocese? (yes THAT one!)
When was the last time you prayed for our Holy Father?

How many times have you cooked a meal for Father?
How often have you invited him to your home?
How often have you thanked Our Lord for him?

Have you spoken ill of your Priest?
Have you thought him no better than any other man?
Have you even tried to usurp his authority?

These are some questions to think about today as we ponder the Priesthood and truly realise that in the midst of this terrible crisis in the Church, Our Lord has given to us Holy Priests that are Loyal to the Perennial Church's Teachings, and to the Magisterium.
So we must pray, pray, pray for them, endure their chastisements with patience and obedience, serve them humbly, and plead with Our Lady to intercede for an influx of more men to answer the call to Priesthood.

Who else but your Priest can absolve you in the name and person of Christ?
Who else but your Priest can confect the Blessed Sacrament?
Who else but your Priest can administer Extreme Unction to the dying?

His Excellency of fond memory, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre said:
“The priest and the future priest must find in his priesthood all his religious and apostolic virtues, and firstly the virtue of religion; hence he will respect the primacy of God’s love, divine praise, adoration and prayer.”

When asked if he prays for The Holy Father Benedict XVI, Bishop Williamson said:
I pray continually for the Pope, for cardinals, bishops and priests, as the Mother of God repeatedly asks us to do. May she obtain light and strength for all of us.

Today on Good Shepherd Sunday let us double our efforts to pray for our Pope, bishops, and priests. I know it is very hard when the majority of the bishops and priests are heretics, hostile toward tradition, allowing blasphemy, etc. however; it is now more than ever that prayers for them are needed especially The Holy Father, that he may fully embrace all the past teachings of his Holy Predessors who had the courage to proclaim to the whole world the message of salvation. For after all, the cardinal law of the church is:
Salus Animarum Suprema Lex-----The salvation of the souls is the supreme law

Let us ask Our Lady, Queen of Priests to grant us the grace to love our priests, to serve our priests, and to cherish them as the Holy gifts from God that they truly are.

Lord grant us Priests.
Lord grant us many Holy Priests.
Lord grant us many Holy Priests and Religious Vocations.
Saint Dominic pray for us
Saint Pius X pray for us.
Blessed Terrence Albert O'Brien pray for us

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