Monday, April 05, 2010

From Trimmers to the Truth


Our Lord really is a wonder and the old expression that "God works in mysterious ways" was proved true today. Knowing that I had a pair of T-liners that were broken I needed new ones and so journeyed to Sally's Beauty Supply to purchase another pair..

I know most of the staff there due to my frequency of purchasing products for my barbering work and was greeted by the store Mgr. and asked how my Easter went..  I explained that I'm still celebrating Easter and will throughout the whole Eastertide Season.

She then moved on to the topic of asking what I thought about the Holy Father and the media blasting him about the sex abuse issue that is currently all over the media.  After talking about this briefly she opened up and told me about her and how she is questioning her faith.  She was "raised Catholic" you know, those two words that actually mean, "I know next to nothing about the True Religion"

After speaking with her some more about The TRUE MASS, and the TRUE CATHOLIC FAITH I invited her to Holy Mass and gave her my phone number as she said that she very much wants to speak to me about The Church and her doubts and many questions.

I look forward to speaking with her and hopefully directing her to Rev. Father.

I ask The Holy Mother of God to pray for her so that her faith may be re-kindled and she can truly find what is missing in her life, namely Our Lord Jesus Christ......

And all of this because I had a pair of broken trimmers.....

Come Holy Ghost!!!


ViaTeam said...

I know what you mean man. Ive been bumping into ways to share Christ with others lately too! Ill pray for her as well!

Jessica said...

It's always amazing how people rekindle their faith. Living your faith is the best way to be Christlike!