Friday, August 11, 2006

Father "Fruitloop" & OL Star of The Sea (St. Mary's Ga)


My wife and I have moved to St. Mary's Ga recently and now make the sacrifice of waking up early and driving 45 min back to Jacksonville to assist at The Holy Mass (of all time.)

Out of respect I introduced myself to the local (and only) Priest/Parish in St. Mary's and all I can say is.............WOW!!!! Typical example of the Modernist invasion within Holy Mother Church, and a poster of the destruction to the faith that Vatican II brought.

My wife and I were horrified as we heard Fr. Gabriel Cummings teach directly from the altar Gnosticism!!!! Heresy!!! I could not believe that a "Catholic" Priest would have the audacity to proclaim we humans as having, "Divine eyes, divine hands." and furthermore that we need only look for the "Christ within us." his Sermon continued with an attack on Holy Tradition as he said, " We need not get caught up in the external traditions of our faith."

Much much more was said that even now makes me sick to my stomach, suffice it to say that The Bishop of the Savannah Diocese will be getting a letter from me this week.

How Novus Ordo/New Church "Catholics" can honestly accept this crap hook line and sinker is a mystery to me. The Sensus Fidei should be all up in arms....

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