Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving is a Catholic Holiday!


My dear readers,

As we Americans celebrate the secular holiday of Thanksgiving, many of us do not really know the REAL story behind the holiday. Most people think is is about Protestant Puritans and Red Indians sharing a meal together however; the true origins of this "feast" are actually Catholic!

 The FIRST Thanksgiving was NOT in 1621 Plymouth with Protestant Pilgrims, rather, it was in 1565
  Here in Florida (St. Augustine) with Catholic Spaniards and Red Indians.

Squanto (The Indian we all learn about as school children) was the Indian who mediated between the Pilgrims and the Indians. Squanto had actually been enslaved by Protestant English but he was freed by Catholic Spanish Franciscans. Squanto was then baptised and became a Catholic.

So, in the end it was a baptized Catholic Red Indian who orchestrated what became known as Thanksgiving even in 1621.

So, remember this coming Thursday that Thanksgiving is a CATHOLIC Holiday,


Amanda said...

How are ya, stranger?! Missed you guys at the All Saints' party this year -- hope all is well!

ViaTeam said...

Good to see you back, the internet has missed your two cents.