Saturday, May 01, 2010

Photos from my investiture

J.M. +J.D.

Yesterday I was received into the Dominican Order and given the name:
Brother Hyacinth!!!

Here are some pics...

The OP Rite Mass
(Feast of St. Catherine)

 During the reception of the Holy Habit of St. Dominic

 After vesting and receiving our new names
 The Dominican cake
(Baked by a dear friend)

The Three new Brothers 
(From left to right)

Brother Peter
Brother Hyacinth
Brother Francis

 Myself and Rev. Father
(The Chianti was delicious!)


Br. Anthony, T.O.S.F. said...

Congratulations to you Brothers!

Are you in any way connected to the Dominicans in Avrille?

Brother Hyacinth TOP said...

J.M. + J.D.

Brother Anthony,
No, we are not..


ViaTeam said...

I am glad you like the Chianti!

We may not be affiliated, but we connected by living in the same Dominican spirit!

-Brother Fracis, T.O.P.

Traditional Third Order of Saint Dominic said...


Peace and perseverance, my dear Brother Hyacinth, through Our Queen of the Most Holy Rosary and Our Holy Father St. Dominic!