Thursday, July 20, 2006

Exorcising the "Spirit of Vatican II"


We are all aware of the confusing, destructive, Modernist nature of the Second Vatican Council and the resulting Novus Ordo Mass that, while valid is full of banal, "Dumbed down" dialogue, ugly vestments, horrible music, little if any use of the language of Holy Mother Church (Latin), and yes....Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (read, Lay people desecrating the Blessed Sacrament with their unconsecrated hands.) In short, the so-called reforms were in fact revolution. Out with Tradition, out with beauty and reverence, goodbye nearly 2000 years of Church history to be replaced with Modernist ambiguity and the "Smoke of Satan." as His Holiness Pope Paul VI warned us.

How many times have we heard that wretched phrase, "The spirit of Vatican II." This so-called spirit seemed to have run rampant during the last 40 or so years however; the tide is changing and sincere Catholics everywhere are recognizing this spirit for what it is. so I say, join me in asking for the intercession of Pope St. Pius X and our Blessed Mother in restoring all things within Holy Mother Church to Christ and speak the words:

Excorcizo te, spiritus VATICANI II , Omis virtus adversarii, omnis exceritus diaboli, omnis incúrus, omne phatasma Satanæ eradicare!"

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